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Does gorilla glue work on metal to wood?

Are you looking for a strong adhesive that can handle any project you throw its way? Look no further than Gorilla Glue! This versatile glue can bond to metal, wood and many other surfaces. But here’s a pro-tip, for metal and wood surfaces, it’s best to rough them up a bit with some sandpaper before applying the glue for an extra strong hold. Don’t worry if you forget, Gorilla glue is still a champion!

When it comes to metal projects, epoxy glue is the real MVP. It’s a heavy-duty adhesive that can withstand high temperatures and water, making it perfect for all sorts of metal projects. And for wood projects, polyurethane glue is the way to go. It’s strong, flexible and can handle changes in temperature and humidity. Plus, once it’s dry you can even paint or sand over it. So, don’t let any project stand in your way, with these adhesives, you can tackle¬†anything!

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